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A Good Guitar DVD Course?

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar has long been acknowledged as the foremost teaching program for beginning and intermediate guitarists. In collaboration with Legacy Learning Systems, master guitarist Steve Krenz has expanded both the scope and range of the teaching experience. The benefactors of these enhancements are clearly the beginning and intermediate aspiring guitarists who take advantage of this stellar home instruction program.

Guitarists will receive solid basic instruction as well as introductory courses in acoustic, electric and rock guitar, finger-style, blues, country, jazz, funk and others. The scope, quality and comprehensive range of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar ensure the program’s value in the beginning and intermediate learning guitar marketplace. In fact, there are so many advantages to this instructional system that the competition pales in comparison.

Commendations & Awards:

In 2008, Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar was named the winner of the Player’s Choice Award for outstanding instruction and supporting materials by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Legacy Learning’s top selling guitar instruction course has taken steps to expand its appeal with a recently released homeschool version.

This homeschool package includes all the regular course materials in addition to a teacher’s guide with a methodical two-year curriculum and 2 additional DVD’s around the teacher’s manual. The program is especially beneficial to children whose parents want to assist their child.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is also the winner of 2 Telly Awards as well as an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education. The package has substantial international appeal, helping thousands of beginning guitarists from 95 different countries.

Screenshots from the Course

Screenshots of the Learn and Master Guitar DVD Course

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The Package:

To recognize the value of Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar program, the student only needs to see the content of this comprehensive approach. Included in your instructional package are:

  • 20 Professionally Produced DVD’s
  • 5 Exciting Jam-Along CD’s
  • 107 Page Lesson Book
  • Ring Binder Carrying Case
  • Free Access to Membership Community
  • Free Access to Forums
  • 60-day Satisfaction Guaranteed Money Back
  • Step-by-Step Linear Instruction by Accomplished Guitarist and Instructor Steve Krenz.
  • Three –Tiered Support from Legacy Learning Systems

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is not a downloadable presentation. Once ordered, the complete package is delivered to the purchaser’s door by reputable providers with international range. In a matter of days, the recipient is ready to begin.

20 Instructional DVD's:

These universal high definition (HD) DVD’s are professionally produced by Legacy Learning Systems. No detail has been spared to assure a structured learning experience. The DVD’s can be played on any DVD player. All DVD’s have menus that make the disk easy to navigate and allow students to easily return for a quick review or to continue an interrupted session.

All DVD’s include many close-up views of instructor Steve Krenz’s Actual handwork. The 20 DVD’s constitute 40 hours of hands-on instruction. As students rehearse, the capability to repeat the hand movements is a tremendous benefit. Students will also enjoy the music notation and tablature that appears on the screen and helps to guide the student through the paces.

Each DVD session follows a structured presentation that commences with:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Student Assignment
  • Workshop

With the flexible navigation capabilities, students can easily refresh any of these segments. This is just one more advantage of the hard copy DVD.

The 5 Jam-Along CD's

Every good student deserves some fun. These Jam-Along CD’s are not only fun but constructive as the student will begin to see improvement every time a jam session begins. Once again, Legacy Learning Systems has supported its instructional program with exciting studio-recorded soundtracks with some of the greatest musicians in the industry.

Did you ever believe you would jam with drummer Javier Solis, bass player Abel Orta and Dino Pastin on keyboard along with Steve on the guitar? Here’s your chance. For real!

Beginner jam sessions feature slow, medium or fast soundtracks so that the aspiring guitarist begins with slow strums and moves up the ladder as the comfort level increases. Playing with these great musicians is a unique learning experience and students will be amazed how they progress.

Many of the songs you will be playing are songs included in the lesson plan. Here’s your chance to show your parents and friends how you have progressed.

When you have the confidence to go solo with the band, the student simply balances the speakers and takes our instructor out of play. What fun! Playing alongside this group is motivation enough to continue learning.

107 Page Lesson Book:

This temptation to dive into the DVD’s is powerful, but when students want a resource guide or confirmation of the DVD lesson, the 107-page lesson book has tremendous value. Whether used as a relaxing course refresher or as a resource, this guitar songbook can be enjoyed in your easy chair away from the computer.

All material in the Lesson Book conforms with information on the DVD’s. Photo shots are also included. High quality printing makes the resource user-friendly.

Steve Krenz – Instructor Extraordinaire

Legacy Learning Systems has a knack for landing articulate, connected instructors. Steve is one of those instructors that you like right out of the gate. He is patient, coherent and dedicated to helping students learn to play the guitar. His personal style of teaching is magnetic.

Steve hold a degree in music, travels the globe to play, teach and jam with the world’s most notable musicians. His experience and confidence in Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is reassuring.

Krenz’s resume includes appearances with symphonies, jazz bands and performances with Donna Summer, The Fifth Dimension, Bryan White, Michael W. Smith and many other GMA Dove Award.

Steve has the uncanny ability to relate to aspiring guitarists of all ages. He is active and engaged with Music City USA in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a well-traveled performer and instructor. Steve’s credentials add intrinsic value to Gibson’s package.

When you listen to Steve, see his hand movements and hear his magical sound, you will immediately know that one of the greatest instructors in the world is on the DVD appearing on your computer or television screen. Steve’s list of references tells the whole story.

About Steve, Jack Pearson of the Allman Brothers said, “One of the best blues/rock guitarists on the scene today.” High praise from a lofty source.

Student Support

More than 15,000 users connect through the interactive forum. Sometimes, Steve himself drops by to help. There are always members willing to help answer questions or clarify misunderstandings.

Once you have purchased Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar, users can visit the Student Support and Community websites. This is a fun way to make progress with people who have passion for the learning experience.

This feature also allows you to build your own profile, post your recordings, track your progress and even get some feedback from the consummate teacher, Steve.

Legacy Learning System Support

Legacy Learning is there to arrange and track the shipment of your learning program. The company offers telephone services, live chat services or e-mail services. Queries are handled promptly by qualified Legacy Learning Systems technicians.

Combining this support with the access-free student forum is a hard combination to beat. Answers are available 24/7.

Ordering Process

Students can purchase the guitar DVDs online with any major credit card or through PayPal or Google Checkout. The ordering and shipping processes are seamless and transparent.

Legacy Learning Systems also offers payment schedules to qualified students. Check the site for various payment options.

60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Gibson’s strives to spread the joy of playing the guitar. If students are unhappy with the product, return the full package within sixty days and you will receive a full refund. No hassles. No questions. Legacy Learning Systems is there to help. This policy applies to U.S. users and international students.

The Legacy Commitment

Steve Krenz and Legacy Learning Systems are committed to expanding the thrill and passion caused by the guitar. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is designed to eliminate costly lesson, allow the student 24/7 access to the instructional program and relive the student of any pressure.

If you want to learn to play this wonderful stringed instrument, you have come to the right place. The Gibson’s program allows beginning and intermediate students to rehearse according to their own schedule and in the comfort of their home.

As usual, Legacy Learning has included everything you need to learn, enjoy and play the guitar. Discover why Gibson’s Learn and Master the Guitar is the world’s most comprehensive and top value home instruction package.


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Recap: Great system for learning guitar. A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it if you're serious about learning guitar.

Rating: 5/5

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