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How Effective is JamPlay.com?

Free guitar lessons are commonplace on the Internet. But most are either incomplete in terms of explanations, or simply a teaser for a commercial lesson plan. Wading through myriad videos on the Internet in hopes of becoming an accomplished player is both time-consuming and frustrating, JamPlay, on the other hand, makes no effort to hide the fact that it’s a commercial endeavor. For a monthly fee that’s less than what you’d pay a local instructor for a half-hour lesson, JamPlay offers its members highly structured lesson plans taught by professional instructors, some of which are quite famous. Whether you’re just starting out, or an advanced player looking to pick up new styles and techniques, JamPlay has something for everyone and anyone who’s looking to up their guitar game.

JamPlay Basics

JamPlay provides a graded series of guitar videos ranging from beginning through advanced levels. Beginning lessons, or Phase One of the program, illustrates the basics of guitar playing from finger positioning through chord structures.

  • Beginning guitar players learn the basics of guitar care and maintenance. These lessons teach students with little or no prior experience the strategies to achieve long instrument life.
  • Novice musicians also learn the importance of posture and basic music theory, which form the building blocks for proper technique in later lessons.
  • Because JamPlay uses prerecorded videos, you can pause lessons or go back to previous sections to practice techniques. This ensures that the lessons don't outpace the student’s abilities to grasp the concepts. You can also set loop points in the videos for repeat play.

Intermediate and Advanced Players

JamPlay has great resources for intermediate and advanced players looking to develop facility in various musical styles and genres. The website features lessons in numerous genres, such as rock, jazz, blues, etc.

  • Instructors are available on JamPlay's website to answer questions live for eight hours each day. Players can also ask questions on the JamPlay's forum and receive answers from instructors and fellow members (just log on to the instructor’s forum).
  • Members can chat live with instructors and receive personalized attention. A webcam is required in order to take advantage of live chat. Currently, JamPlay has 58 guitar instructors, with more on the way, some of who are internationally known.
  • All members pay the same, low $19.95 per month fee so pick up a webcam if you don’t have one and take advantage of personal instruction (during specific hours of the day).

Learning Guitar and Other Skills

  • Large online libraries of chord progressions and scales can help advanced players improve songwriting abilities and soloing techniques.
  • Website features are easy to navigate. Members don't have to hunt for specific lessons or features. The simple layout leaves more time for learning.
  • Learning other music-related skills, such as ear training, improvisation, and recording are possible with JamPlay's Skill Building Lesson Sets. 11 different subjects are currently available.

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Learn from Rock Stars

Guitarists teaching on JamPlay come from diverse backgrounds. Some instructors have day jobs in the medical field, while others are well-known rock stars.

  • Members of JamPlay can learn to play songs from the actual musicians who wrote them. Instructors include Steve Stevens of Billy Idol, Mike Mushok of Staind, Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders, Kaki King, and Flattus Maximus of GWAR.
  • TThe website divides instruction into acoustic and electric guitar enabling members to find appropriate instructors more easily.
  • Players can search through the lessons of various instructors to find teaching styles that connect best with learning needs. This strategy helps ensure each member receives maximum benefit from each viewed lesson.

Navigating JamPlay

The wealth of information and lessons on JamPlay is staggering and growing all the time. The sheer number of teachers, lessons, and playing styles can lead a kind of educational gridlock, by offering a novice almost too many choices. However, on the plus side, you have the ability to sample a number of teachers to find out which one is right for you.

  • JamPlay’s beginner curriculum assumes you've never touched a guitar before, and will equip you with the fundamentals. You can browse through various teachers until you find one you’re comfortable with.
  • Advanced players may wish to follow a similar path until they become comfortable with a particular instructor's teaching style.
  • Members can watch any prerecorded lesson at any time of the day. However, receiving help in real time from instructors is only possible during the site's operating hours. Students may have to wait up to 24 hours to receive answers.


JamPlay offers a highly convenient means for musicians of all levels to study the guitar. It also provides unprecedented opportunities to learn techniques from some of the biggest names in guitar. The monthly membership fee is a bargain, considering many personal instructors charge more for a single half-hour lesson. These days even guitar DVD courses are over $100.

Plus, you can save even more if you sign up for quarterly or yearly membership. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can take advantage of nearly all the instructional features that JamPlay has to offer—and if you like the personal touch, add a webcam and have it all.

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Recap: Great system for learning guitar. Have to pay monthly versus a one-off fee, but well worth it if you're serious about learning guitar and you have access to so much material.

Rating: 5/5

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