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Learning to play guitar can be tough but why stop there? Jazz guitar can be one way you can stretch your guitar skills and learn intermediate and advanced guitar techniques in a fun way. Jazz solos on the guitar can be daunting, especially when you are just starting out but they are not impossible. Before [...]

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Guitar Chords for Beginners

Welcome to wonderful world of guitar sheet music. Learning guitar music can be fun and accessible to everyone thanks to guitar sheet music and TABS. But before we begin it is important to determine what type of sheet music is best for you. Guitarists have been criticized for not being able to read sheet music [...]

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5 Tips for Memorizing Guitar Sheet Music and Tabs

Learning guitar music from your favorite guitarists is a challenge but the rewards are well worth the practice. It can be easy to get a new guitar songbook but learning to play it is a different story. Try playing an open mic or rock show with a stand and sheet music. It is no fun [...]

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Queens of the Stone Age Guitar Music Sale

Queens of the Stone Age promised us new guitar music and they delivered with their latest album ...Like Clockwork. We were blown away by the album's brightly colored album art created by artist Boneface. Don't let his name alarm you; Boneface's art is refined and fits the new album perfectly. But even after listening to [...]

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Everyone Loves a Great Guitarist

Guitarists get a lot of love and it isn't surprising considering the amount of devotion and time it takes to master the guitar. A French study recently concluded that women are more attracted to guitarists. Regardless of gender, a great guitar player will draw people to them. There is something magical about watching someone play [...]

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A great guitarist knows that learning to play guitar involves more than reading guitar sheet music. Training your ear to recognize notes on the guitar will open up a new world of guitar techniques. The basics of ear training are pretty simple but often overlooked by guitarists who are in a rush to learn to [...]

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Learning to play the guitar for the first time is a fun experience that is made even more special when shared with loved ones. This Mother’s Day we picked some of favorite songbooks chock full of duets for guitar. Now you can play a special guitar duet with your mom this holiday. Roses and chocolates [...]

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5 Myths About Guitar Debunked

Guitar is an instrument that has a long history and even longer musical repertoire. Despite guitar being readily available for anyone to pick up and play, many myths about the guitar still persist. Today we want to share some of our favorite myths about the guitar below.
Myth 1: High-end Guitar Picks Sound Better
You go out [...]

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Guitar Fingerpicking for Beginners

It's springtime and that time of year when the flowers are in bloom and whole new set of young guitarists emerge ready to play again. Dust off your acoustic guitar and learn a skill this week with our first installment in our "Teach Yourself" series. Sure, guitar can be an intimidating instrument to pick up [...]

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The Godfathers of Guitar Rise Again

By Barry M Rivman
Charlie Christian – The Black Godfather electric jazz guitar
Of all the early electric jazz players, one name stands out among the rest: Charlie Christian. You could say that Christian was the Jimi Hendrix of his day, though it would be more chronologically accurate to say that Hendrix was the Charlie Christian of [...]

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