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Back to the Blues Robben Ford

Back to the Blues 
Robben Ford Robben Ford has become one of the world's most recognized blues musicians. His trademark, tasty guitar style, is reinforced with incredible depth in jazz and rhythm and blues. Back to the Blues is a special two-part series exploring the finer points of contemporary blues guitar playing. In Part 1, Robben teaches and demonstrates many of his superb and tasty chordal and improvising ideas for both the major and minor blues. In Part 2, Robben demonstrates contemporary blues concepts including comping and soloing for a swing blues and a one-chord blues vamp. He discusses how to be more melodic using triads, good phrasing and simplicity. He also talks about his influences, guitars, stage set-up, and how to get that good sound. Tab booklet included. Special DVD features include a tuning segment, two bonus lessons on vibrato and diminished scale usage, transcription of "Slo-Mo Blues," and printable PDF reference materials.

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Item - VI176
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