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Cutting Edge Series - Rock Guitar
Bk & CD - Mark Dziuba Alf 17822

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Item# : RST172 Bk & CD: $ 17.45


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Cutting Edge Rock Guitar is an exploration of what is out there in the world of rock guitar today. The bands discussed were chosen because they represent the lesser traveled roads of rock. They are by no means an exhaustive representation. You could say that these artists are leaning toward the left side of the bell curve. Their music takes chances and may not always be as commercially successful as some. You'll find the music of these artists very stimulating and deserving of greater attention.

As we head toward the new millennium, there seems to be a common thread amongst these cutting edge artists. That thread can be described as an influence and seamless integration of past styles. Retro-sounding at times, these artists have been successful at moving into the future of rock music without forgetting the past. Cutting Edge Rock Guitar is a study of these style influences and how rock guitarists are using and reacting to them. Read and rock on into the future!

Table of Contents

  • The Ska Influence
  • Surf's Up
  • Rap and Hip-hop Influence
  • The New Acoustic Horizons
  • The New Psychedelic Return of The Avant Garde
  • Scales for Improvisation

    This is an enhanced CD which offers two methods of supplementing the accompanying book.

    Audio CD - You may listen and play along with this same CD using any standard audio CD Player. The stereo recording will allow you to hear each piece exactly as it should be played, with or without an instrumental accompaniment.

    Sound Sample from CD 1

    Sound Sample from CD 2

    Media Song Player - Using the CD in a windows compatable PC allows you to play along with the same songs as the audio CD with several additional features. Using the Multimedia Song Player you may:

    1) Follow along with the music on the screen.

    2) Adjust the tempo of the accompaniment using the tempo slider.
    Slow the play back down as you are learning each song and
    gradually increase the speed until you reach the performance tempo.

    3) See how each piece is played. The Multimedia song Player shows you graphically how each song should be played on your instrument.

    4) Mix the volumes of the lead part, the accompaniment, the rhythm and the click track separately to to customize the accompainment to your liking.

    5) Record your performance! By plugging your electric instrument or a
    microphone into your sound card to listen and critique your progress.

    Click her to view Screen of enhanced CD Use back button to return to this page.