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Salsa: Afro Cuban Montunos For Guitar
Carlos Campos

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Item# : RST124 Bk & CD: $ 24.95


Guitarplace   866 528 9224


Salsa has become quite a dance craze. Its popularity has grown from the Cuban and Puerto Rican community to include most of the Americas, Europe, and even Japan. New Salsa bands are forming everywhere from New York to Los Angeles, from Tokyo to Paris. But despite its increasing popularity, many musicians find that Salsa and the other genres of Afro Cuban Music are still very difficult to feel and play in an authentic relaxed way. This type of music with its unique concept of the Clave presents quite a challenge for the aspiring young performer. In the past, the only way to learn how to play Salsa was to live in an area where Salsa was already very popular so that one might connect with as many authentic musicians as possible; learning one pattern here, another there, via a very slow learning process that could take years if not decades to accomplish. Even though the process of immersing oneself fully and experientially in the music style of our choosing is absolutely necessary for our musical growth, the need for concise, well written, and organized materials, written by someone who knows and lives this type of music is also essential. We at ADG, believe that Mr. Campos' books are doing exactly that. We believe that he has done a great service by writing his first two books titled "Salsa: Afro-Cuban Montunos for Piano" and "Salsa: Further Adventures in Afro-Cuban Music", and now with his latest book "Salsa: Afro-Cuban Montunos for Guitar". Mr. Campos is helping to expand the area of Salsa studies to include all guitar players and students. Salsa & Afro Cuban Montunos for Guitar by Carlos Campos. Finally the first instructional book showing guitarists how to play Salsa styles. Following on from his highly successful Salsa piano/keyboard instructional books Carlos Campos has created a book for guitarists with over 400 examples (60 examples recorded on the CD) with each example for 2-3 and 3-2 clave. There is both written music and tablature These Salsa patterns can be used for Jazz, Latin Jazz and Flamenco musical styles.

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