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Blues Guitar for Beginners -Drew Giorgi
Book and Enhanced CD

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Item# : RBE080 Bk & CD: $ 17.45


Guitar Sheet Music


This book takes the beginning guitarist from the basics of buying their first guitar through the basic fundamen tals of blues guitar techniques and blues lead guitar playing. Includes warm-up exercises, an introduction to blues and essential blues tricks such as string bend ing. You will have lots of fun examples and tunes to play in standard music notation and TAB. A must for the blues beginner.

This book is designed for the beginner. Not only the beginner guitarist, but the beginner in music-making. "The blues," as Muddy Waters so eloquently put it, "is the mother of all." It is the most logical place to begin as a guitarist as its basics permeate every style of popular music from jazz to rock to "Top 40" pop. The blues is an ideal place to start building a solid musical foundation.

What this book seeks to accomplish is not only to start your education in blues but in music in general. This is a lifelong study that, if you keep at it, I guarantee your knowl- edge will fill more pages than anyone published book.

The music and examples contained in this book have been designed to start developing your technique. They will also introduce you to musical materials and chord progressions that will serve as a foundation throughout your musical journey and help you have fun with the guitar quickly.

This is an Enhanced CD which offers two methods of supplementing the accompanying book.

Audio CD - You may listen and play along with this same CD using any standard audio CD Player. The stereo recording will allow you to hear each piece exactly as it should be played,with or without an instrumental accompaniment.

Media Song Player - Using the CD in a windows compatable PC allows you to play along with the same songs as the audio CD with several additional features. Using the Multimedia Song Player you may:

1) Follow along with the music on the screen.

2) Adjust the tempo of the accompaniment using the tempo slider.
Slow the play back down as you are learning each song and
gradually increase the speed until you reach the performance tempo.

3) See how each piece is played. The Multimedia song Player shows you graphically how each song should be played on your instrument.

4) Mix the volumes of the lead part, the accompaniment, the rhythm and the click track separately to to customize the accompainment to your liking.

5) Record your performance! By plugging your electric instrument or a
microphone into your sound card to listen and critique your progress.